Energy Analysis Platform

We simplify the energy research process for professionals in energy policy and markets. We identify, rate, and prioritize research materials so that you can start your project with the highest quality, rigorous, and relevant sources.


Prepared Research

Standardized pre-research templates organize and suggest the most relevant reports, studies, official documents, and quantitative data for your next project. These templates provide:

  • Faster research – Stop wasting time finding information and spend more time leveraging it for better analysis.
  • Consistent Quality – Be confident that your sources are the most reliable and representative of the state-of-the-field.
  • Inter-connectivity – Easily understand the interoperability of complex regulations, policy, law, and market information.

Enhanced Search

Through our specialized search interface, you can streamline finding documents and datasets from thousands of data sources. Quickly locate the information you need for:

  • Legal cases
  • Regulatory proceedings
  • Existing policies
  • Proposed legislation
  • Market and operational data

Analytical Tools

Through our easy-to-use projects page, you can:

  • Track major developments. Be the first to know when there are major changes in select legal cases, regulations, policies, or news.
  • Save research materials. Organize your research materials into personal data archives so that you can easily locate and use them.
  • Collaborate and share. Share analytical sources with your colleagues to enable faster and smoother collaborative research projects.

Find Out More

We will be releasing our beta platform soon.

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