Energy is changing: new technologies, restructuring, and environmental concerns are rapidly accelerating the rate of new developments and uncertainty in US energy policy and markets. At SparkLibrary, we draw on an interdisciplinary understanding of the energy sector, recognizing and exploring the increasingly interconnected nature of energy policy, regulation, law, and market outcomes. Our approach is well-suited to this time of increasingly rapid energy transition.

SparkLibrary offers consulting services focused on interdisciplinary analysis of energy policy outcomes and energy markets. In addition to consulting on small and medium-sized projects, we also offer subcontracting for larger projects.

Our range of consulting services include:

  • White papers on energy policy topics
  • Technical and regulatory analysis of proposed regulations and pending legal cases
  • Evaluation of models used in technology and regulatory forecasts, especially where involved in market design, long term planning, and regulatory impact analysis.
  • Analysis of existing and potential state policies to decarbonize the energy system
  • Assessment of technology innovation policies, including solar, wind, storage, emerging renewables, carbon capture and storage, and advanced nuclear

To get a sense of the type of subjects that we focus on, please see our analysis.

Please direct consulting or subcontracting inquiries to Nat Green at