SparkLibrary is an Energy Research Platform that enables energy policy professionals to perform faster and higher quality research. It is a one-stop shop for energy professionals that collects, standardizes, and organizes energy data and information.

Our two founders, Alex and Nat, constantly ran into the same issues when conducting research in energy law and policy. Information about law, policy, regulations, and technical issues are scattered across thousands of sources, are non-standardized, and have uncertain reliability. They founded SparkLibrary to address these challenges.



Alex Gilbert, Cofounder

Alex is Cofounder of SparkLibrary where he leads product design, conducts analysis, and oversees market outreach. Previously, Alex analyzed electricity, natural gas, and oil markets for private sector clients at Haynes and Boone. He has been published in multiple academic journals, including Nature, Nature Climate Change, Environmental Science & Technology, and Energy. Alex has a Masters of Energy Regulation and Law and a Certificate in Climate Law from Vermont Law School and a BA in Environmental Studies and International Relations from Lake Forest College.

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Nat Green, CofounderNat Green, Cofounder

Nat is Cofounder of SparkLibrary. He heads operations, product research, and customer development. Nat is currently a Shaw LLM Fellow at George Washington University Law School, where he focuses on Energy and Environmental Law. His published research includes policy assessments of large-scale hydropower in Africa, low-carbon energy policy in China, and the prevalence of time-and cost-overruns in U.S.-based and international energy infrastructure projects. Nat has a MA in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley, a JD from VLS, and is a LLM Candidate in Environmental & Energy Law at GWU Law. 

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